SmallSO Libget

Libget is a global static content delivery service provided by SmallSO for internal products and services. With Libget, we can cache the static content required by products and services as close as possible to the user for quick delivery, which will significantly improve the user experience.


Generally, the content provided by Libget is unlikely to violate our content policy, because the content provided applies to our products and services.

However, we may also allow partners to use the Libget service to store and provide static content suitable for their products and services, which means that the content stored and provided by the partners may violate our content policy, but this situation is very rare in theory.

If you find that Libget is providing content that violates our content policies (including but not limited to violation of local laws and regulations, infringement of your copyright or legal rights, etc.), please tell us. We will carefully review the relevant information and then block, delete or restrict access to such content.

Submit legal requirements

Please navigate to the submission tool page to submit a legal request to us in order to request that such content be removed according to law.

Trust & Security

If you find that the content provided by Libget contains phishing or malware, you can contact us by sending an email to If you are a law enforcement officer, you will need to additionally provide your badge and case number, impersonating a law enforcement officer is a criminal act.

The trust & security team will carefully review the relevant information and then take action on such content.


If you have any questions about Libget, please send an email to to get in touch with our support team, we will try our best to deal with related issues.

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