Welcome to SmallSO Libget

Libget is a PaaS cloud service for SmallSO internals that provides fast, stable,
and reliable static resource hosting & distribution services for SmallSO products & services.

# Support

If you have any questions about our services, you are welcome to send an
email to support@xiaoyy.org for service support.

# Report

If you find on SmallSO Libget, including but not limited to the following violations, you can report it:

We hope that you will use the real name report and email the report to investigate@xiaoyy.org.

  1. We promise you to keep your personal information and reports confidential.
  2. Your personal information and report content are only visible to SmallSO CEO, User Experience Officer & Internal Compliance Audit.
  3. We hope that your report will be objective and fair, and will not be mixed with personal feelings.
  4. At the same time, provide as much and effective evidence as possible to support your report.

# License

We use third-party works on SmallSO Libget, which you can check out on the License Publicity page.

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